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  1. GENESYS ™ - Brand-Name and Image-Consulting Services.
  2. IP- Direct- Contact IP (Copyright, Trademark & Patent) Owners.


Let our 20-years plus experience assist you in selecting or creating a new name for your business, products, or services. Help your customers recognize and remember you.

For one reasonable and preset fee, COPYSEARCH Worldwide will provide you with up to 5 new names from which to choose. Best of all, the name you select will already be pre-approved for US Federal Trademark. That's right, the Trademark Search and Registration Fees are INCLUDED.

Don't like the names we offer? We'll keep working with you until we create a name you like!  A brand new name that is representative of your business, your business methods, and your targeted markets.  A name that your clients and customers will remember.

Remember, COPYSEARCH Worldwide works with new names all day every day, and has for over 20 years.

Please call for a personal consultation and quotation of applicable fees at 1-800-296-9080.


As a function of working in the Copyright Office and the Patent and Trademark Office, we collect the name and address of everybody who Copyrights, Trademarks, or Patents their works with the United States Government.

These lists of Intellectual Property owners are ideal targets markets for direct mail campaigns, as they are creative, energetic people with particular and identifiable talents and interests. A great way to grow such businesses as publishers, publications, how-to, seminars, etc.

Reasonably priced per thousand names (minimum order 5000), lists are available preprinted on labels, on diskette, or via email download. You may reuse the lists once 'rented,' but there are always new and fresh lists available. We accept all major credit cards, and ship overnight.

Please call to discuss how to put these hard-working lists to work for you.


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