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Welcome to COPYSEARCH ® Partners ™ 

COPYSEARCH Worldwide ® has the pleasure of meeting and assisting many business-owners and entrepreneurs as they stand upon the threshold of exciting new businesses and other ventures. As with Trademark and other Intellectual Property, business owners often need assistance with their "start-ups" or overlook the importance of starting out upon the right path. We understand and are here to help!

The COPYSEARCH Partners Program offers low-cost counseling and advice with regard to a myriad of Frequently Asked Questions about the best way to start, maintain, and grow your business endeavor. We provide assistance in a variety of important fields at reasonable hourly and/or competitive package rates. Select one topic of interest, or any of those with which you feel you may need guidance.

Choose From:

Business Entity - Should you incorporate? If so, where is the environment most business-friendly?  Visit our friends at www.theincorporators.com for further information about establishing your business in business-friendly Delaware!  And COPYSEARCH will be pleased to act as your registered agent in Virginia or Washington, DC; contact us here for more information.

Taxation - Related to Business Entity type, how do these issues affect your bottom line with the IRS?  We have CPAs on staff or by referral.

Internet - Is a website (domain name) appropriate for your type of business? How do you register?  COPYSEARCH can help you take advantage of the new way to do business on the Web quickly and easily.  

Website Development & Marketing- Need to develop a website for your new business or revamp an old site?  If yes, contact our web expert at Pederson Consulting (703) 660-8522 for further information and to discuss your particular website needs.  She can also assist you in developing an online marketing plan to generate qualified leads to your website.

Business Credit - How to finance your growth. Should you accept credit cards? We show you how to establish a Merchant Account and take credit cards...even online!

Insurance - Protect your assets, and guard against accidents with adequate Liability protection. We offer property, casualty, and life products to protect and perpetuate your business and "business family." Protect against loss of key persons through Life and/or Disability insurance.  We have licensed insurance agents in all 50 states.

Estate Planning - Use competent legal advice in conjunction with various insurance products to ensure that your heirs or partners inherit your business, not the IRS!

And don't forget to use GENESYS ™ to help select and register your name(s), and IP-Direct for the ultimate in target-marketing !

We are Here to Help !

Please call 1-800-296-9080 for personal and confidential assistance.



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